Engagement | Josh and Blair in Sedona

One of my best friends is marrying one of my closest cousins!!!!  I have two cousins that are only a few months apart from me, and the three of us randomly ended up at the same college at the same time.  Right after that I moved back to Phoenix to live with a group of girls, one of them being Blair….and now five years later, we live together as roommates seamlessly since we have so much in common, and now she is marrying Josh through meeting at our family Beachaus in Michigan, so freaking excited.  Also, these two were great and wanted a fully formal, nature shoot and they let me be completely creative.  This marks my first shoot fully hybrid with my new Canon 5d mark iii and Film.  The film turned out amazing from Photovisions, and hopefully you can’t tell the digital too much.  Here’s to way more of where this came from

Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm
Canon 1V 35mm, 50mm, Fuji400H, Developed by Photovisions.