Personal | Medellin Colombia

Ahh I just loved this so much.  I know I love traveling, exploring, and experiencing different cultures, but I don’t always get the chance to do it.  I was SO BLESSED to go to Medellin Colombia with Langham Partnership (a ministry near and dear to me heart, go check them out), for a week the beginning of May, and it will be an experience I will never forget!!!  I can’t wait to get back to South America!!  Although my week was pretty jam packed, I was able to find some chunks of time to go and explore the city, bringing ONLY my film camera (no digital, except with my phone filming insta stories 🙂 ).

I have heard from so many photographers that I respect that personal work is vitally important to your development as an artist, and man do I believe it.  First, its so encouraging and exciting to shoot just for myself, with no agenda, doing whatever I wish.  It serves as a reminder that I do photography because I love it, not only as a job (which I love too, of course).  Second, I did so many experimental things on this trip that I don’t get a chance to do on a job, since I have a responsibility to get what I need for a client.  But doing these experiments helps me learn what I can and can’t do for future use.  In Medellin this week, I shot on mainly portra 400 and 800 since the forecast showed rain and clouds all week and I needed to be able to shoot a little darker (this is new for me people-in the AZ desert, its like 95% BRIGHT and sunny most of the time so its Fuji 400 all day long), so that was new to me.  I had to shoot through glass on a gondola (air cable car), which I had no idea if that would come out (and in fact, some of the photos were foggy because of the dirty glass).  And I for to play with motion a lot more than I normally do.  Here is what came out :).

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