1. I have 3 dogs, Jax, Ayda, and Bjorn, and they are my adventure furbabies, I try to take them everywhere: hiking, camping, road tripping, brunches on patios, etc
  2. I think the best place on earth is this sweet little town named Pentwater, Michigan.  My grandparents have a beachaus there and I go there every summer for vacation with my extended family.
  3. I am part Swedish and Norwegian, and my family makes a homemade Swedish smorgasbord every Christmas Eve, and celebrates St. Lucia every Christmas morning with Kringla (Swedish cardamon cookie….for breakfast!!).
  4.  I have the best nieces and nephews and love seeing them whenever I can.
  5. Homemade popcorn and red wine is one of my favorite meals….I have it for dinner probably once a week.
  6. I was a Chemistry major in college….and I loved it!!
  7. My drink of choice is a Moscow mule.
  8. I love traveling anywhere I can!!  This past year I have been able to get to Colombia and Ethiopia!
  9. I love windy days, which may come from my childhood summers on the beaches of Michigan where it is always a little windy, but they are my favorite and I will always seek them out!
  10. I love getting to know people!!  I always love it when clients end up becoming friends, and I love getting to know them through their major life events as I photograph them.