Senior | Addy + Film

This little one is near and dear to my heart, I could go on and on about her but words would never suffice.  But she is one of the most loving people, and I cannot wait to see how God uses and grows her tremendously!!!

On a photography note, I first learned photography 15 years ago on film.  Everything from the darkroom, photo chemicals, developing the film, to making the prints on the enlarger.  A couple years later, I no longer had those resources, so I bought a digital camera and have used that since. I have recently bought a film camera again, and am incorporating that back into my shoots as a hybrid between digital and film.  I love the quality and “science” of the art needed to use film, and it definitely makes for a good challenge.  This little one let me use her as an experiment for my first hybrid shoot, but these are just the film shots (minus the last two or three shots, those had to be digital since I ran out of film…first lesson back in photography….make sure to bring enough film).

Fuji 400H rated at ISO 200 – Canon EOS1 – Scanned by Little Film Lab